Monday, 26 March 2012

How You're Putting Obstacles in Your Own Path
I was speaking to a client the other day, who had been fired from his latest job and was seriously considering leaving the entire teaching industry to pursue his true dream of being a freelance film maker, or perhaps to travel instead. He asked whether I had time to talk later, and then he said an interesting thing;

"I'll be busy this afternoon, I'm applying for some more (teaching) jobs."

My answer, according to him, changed his perspective. Now, it might seem like an obvious thing to ask, but it isn't always as clear when it's you in that situation:

"If you want to get out of teaching, why are you still applying for teaching jobs?"

Well... he didn't know. Perhaps it was out of habit - he had been applying for teaching jobs for so long that he hadn't noticed an inconsistency between his words and his actions. Perhaps he was afraid that his filming career would fail, and so sought the comfort of a "safety net" - the one thing that he already knew that he could do, something comfortable that would bring a consistent income. But, every time he had started a new teaching job, his dreams and plans had to be put on hold. Without realising it, perhaps he was trying to prevent himself from progressing; trying to throw obstacles into his own path.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

5 Steps for Making Exercise Fun

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"I should go to the gym...", "I need to lose weight", "I have to work out".
Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I'll be honest with you; I have joined four or five gyms and exercise classes in my time, each time thinking that paying a membership up front would force me to get off my arse and onto the treadmill. Even now, I find myself conveniently mapping out my day to give myself just not enough time to squeeze in an hour of exercise, and yet I know that I should go. 

If this sounds like you, then read on. You know that you want to fit into a smaller dress size, to tone up or just to feel healthier, and yet the thought of exercising is exhausting, scary, boring. Besides, you can always start tomorrow, right? 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Importance of Duvet Days

Hey, we've all had them. Lazy days, duvet days, whatever you want to call them. You snuggle up under the covers, stick on an old DVD, make a cup of tea and just catch up on your rest. And, if you're anything like me, you end up feeling guilty, lazy and like a waste of space.

This post is the brainchild of a midday nap (interrupted by a variety of builders, bulldozers, drills and noisy neighbours of all descriptions) on a day where I really couldn't feel motivated to doing anything. I wanted to write a blog post, but I couldn't think of anything. I wanted to read up on life coaching some more, but I didn't have the motivation. I started to chide myself, to give myself this old, bullshit inner dialogue that goes something like "You're wasting your day, you're not doing anything constructive, you're so lazy and disgusting!" - does that sound familiar?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

7 Tips for Managing your Time

What is time? 

To some, it's just numbers on a clock. To others, it's the boss that dictates their every waking moment. To many of us, it's a strange, mystical substance that we never seem to have enough of. Honestly, if I had a penny for every time I'd heard somebody confess to a secret ambition, fail to deliver what was expected of them or put off an event or task with "I just don't have time"... well, I'd have a whole load of pennies.

How often do you feel as if you just don't have the time to get everything done? How many times have you passed up an opportunity, postponed a goal that you really wanted to work on or just felt as if you were burning out because you just didn't have enough time? In this modern, fast-paced world, it seems to be something that we're becoming less and less adept at using. But think; what would you do if time didn't constrain you? What wonderful things would you be able to experience; what dreams would you start putting into action?

Monday, 5 March 2012

When it's OK to give up...

What? A life coach is telling me that it's OK to give up? Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and two of my friends took me skiing. It was my first time, while they were very experienced. I was nervous but they reassured me that I'd be fine. Well, surely I can't talk about making big changes and trying new things if I'm going to shy away from something like skiing! So, off we went.

So there I was in my sexy red ski pants, trying to walk in snow shoes. As I saw all those pros swerving down the mountains, I started to get nervous. I'd tried ice skating and roller blading, and while they assured me that it wasn't the same thing, I couldn't help but think I can't do things involving balance - what a negative, self-limiting belief! I just had to put it to the test and prove myself wrong!

New Beginnings...

So, here it is, my new blog, my new career path. I've gone from Psychology student to English teacher to (now) life coach. But don't worry, I have lots of lovely counselling experience behind me, and if you want English lessons I might find the time, too!

Big changes are scary, aren't they? It wasn't easy for me to pluck up the courage to actually start this up, believe me. From the moment that I knew that I wanted to set up my own practice, I found ways to put it off. Not that I regret my travels in Japan and Europe, of course - it is always amazing to meet new people and to see new places, to think of things in a different light. But that dream - the life coaching, the (one day!) hypnotherapy, NLP and holistic therapies that I want to bring to the world - hovered in the back of my mind, afraid of being realised.