Monday, 5 March 2012

New Beginnings...

So, here it is, my new blog, my new career path. I've gone from Psychology student to English teacher to (now) life coach. But don't worry, I have lots of lovely counselling experience behind me, and if you want English lessons I might find the time, too!

Big changes are scary, aren't they? It wasn't easy for me to pluck up the courage to actually start this up, believe me. From the moment that I knew that I wanted to set up my own practice, I found ways to put it off. Not that I regret my travels in Japan and Europe, of course - it is always amazing to meet new people and to see new places, to think of things in a different light. But that dream - the life coaching, the (one day!) hypnotherapy, NLP and holistic therapies that I want to bring to the world - hovered in the back of my mind, afraid of being realised.

"I'm too young," I thought, "nobody will listen to me". It took me so long to realise that life coaching isn't about the coach's standing in the world, but about the way that they approach situations, the way that they see people. I genuinely care about everybody and just want the world to be a happier place. I can't stand seeing people putting themselves in traps, making themselves unhappy because they see no other way out, plugging away at jobs that they hate because they don't think that they can do any better. Age has nothing to do with it - I have met people of all ages and of so many different mindsets, and I can tell you that there are very happy, free spirited sixty year olds and some very young people who think that the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

I finally decided to bite the bullet in 2012. Strangely, it started when I managed to go two weeks without biting my nails. I thought that if I could do that, I could do anything. I have started going to the gym, swimming and eating more healthily. Making those changes made me feel that I wanted to change everything else, too, and I knew where to begin.As my mouse hovered over the payment button, ready to pay for my life coaching course, I was terrified. It was a big investment to make, and yet I knew that it would be worth it.

When I was told that my payment had been processed, the fear turned into exhilaration. I was excited, breathless, a new path suddenly spread out before me, and I remembered how I felt on that plane to Japan, where I had sat, alone, waiting to begin my new life in a country where I knew nobody and nothing. How I felt moving to Prague without a job, a home, or anybody that I knew. And both times things worked out beautifully - not just because of luck, but because I invested time and energy making sure that I found what I needed, that I met as many people as possible and that I was never bored. I knew, then, that if I had done it before that I could do it again.

Perhaps you haven't done anything as drastic as moving countries with no secured job or accommodation, but I can bet that each and every one of you has done something new, once. It could be your first day of school, your first date with the man/woman of your dreams, the first day of a new job, the first time you tried skiing. Think about how nervous you felt, but also about how exciting it was. Think about how you felt afterwards - was it as bad as you'd thought? Were you relieved? Did you survive? Remember that feeling - the feeling of anticipation, of excitement, and then the sense of accomplishment after you managed to get through it. Let that thought run through you for a while, and then think of the next big, new thing that you want to accomplish in life. If you've done it before, then you can do it again.

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