Monday, 28 May 2012

Enjoying a Moment

Here's a little poem-type thing I jotted down recently...

You spend your life rushing from A to B,
Glued to your phone, never looking up.

Stop, listen to the sounds that surround you,
Pick out the voice of a happy child in a crowd,
The engine of a car that brings pride to its owner,
The leaves that rustle by on the wind,
A stream's gentle babbling in the background.

For one moment, stop sending those texts,
Stop flinging birds at pigs and look up
At the actual birds in the trees, hear them,
Watch the way a flower dances in the wind
And appreciate this planet that you're on.

The way that light casts shadows as your bus plods along,
Isn't that more interesting than cursing the traffic jam?
The feel of fresh grass between your fingers
Will heal your soul more than whining about the dirt.

Remove your eyes from that TV screen and actually taste your food -
Experience every flavour bursting in your mouth, the textures
And the smells, savour them all, feel gratitude for being alive.
Instead of trying to plan your next meeting, or arguing over text,
Or watching shows about real life, go and HAVE a real life.