Friday, 22 June 2012

Handing the Bad Days - We Can't Always be Happy!

When you're feeling down, reading someone's overly happy blog can be more irritating than helpful. I've been told that I'm "too happy". This is for anybody who thinks that, who finds it hard to feel good, or who believes that you need to in a great mood 24/7 to be "happy". 

Of COURSE I have down days. We're all human.  This week, I've been hit hard financially. It felt as if several forces were working together to bring me down, and my first reaction was not to smile and think of a way to solve it. I cried, I swore, and the world seemed to go a few shades darker.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Why Groups of Laughing, Happy People are So Bloody Annoying

What, you don't want to join us? (from
Janine sat alone, her music blasting into her ears through her headphones, her eyes focused on last-minute revision, but she could still hear them. Those peals of laughter, breaking through her music and drilling into her brain, insisting to be heard. Insisting that she know how much fun they were having while she sipped her luke-warm latte and tried to focus on the words between their dancing shadows. Glancing up, she saw them; all toothy laughs and blushing cheeks, perhaps not beautiful but confident enough to fool anybody, jumping and rolling around in the sun. She clenched her teeth. How annoying they were, these fools who had nothing better to do with their summer holidays than to play and laugh and drink and dance. How irritating. How lucky.

If you hadn't guessed, Janine is spending her summer working hard, while everybody around her seems to be having fun. Does her predicament sound familiar to you? Have you ever tried to enjoy a relaxing revision session in the park, only to be interrupted by some frisbee-playing maniacs? Are your ice cream café breaks turned sour by the sound of laughter from a nearby table? Do you find yourself feeling annoyed when a big, rowdy group disturbs your day?