Monday, 20 August 2012

Happiness as the Ultimate Currency

Have you ever had one of those lovely little moments when something wonderful falls into your hands from seemingly nowhere? One a stroll through my old haunts in North Wales, I wandered into a charity shop and chanced upon a book called "Happier".

A simple, pleasing read, I spent a while contemplating after every insightful chapter, where the author makes complicated ideas sound so manageable. The thing that affected me most - the main vein running through the book - was a new way of looking at things. The idea that happiness, not money, is the Ultimate Currency.

As the author puts it - a business is evaluated on its financial profits and losses. A human being makes profits and losses, too, but whether we believe it or not, our ultimate currency is happiness. Thinking of happiness as the ultimate currency is not an entirely new spin on life - we already do trade in happiness, even if we don't realise it.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Why Travelling Isn't Just for the Rich or Retired

Sharing my holiday snaps online, I realise that I might sound a little like I'm bragging. Yes, I spent the last twelve days travelling around the Balkans in glorious weather. I swam in the Adriatic, visited a beautiful national park, enjoyed some wonderful seafood. But as I snorkelled through crystal clear water, chasing mischievous little fish and feeling the sun on my back, I realised something. Most people might never do this. Most people might never afford this... or at least, that's what they tell themselves.

How often do you dream of adventure and excitement, only to sigh and say "Well, I'll do it when I'm retired/when I win the Lottery/when I finally pay off my credit card bills".