Monday, 24 September 2012

Something New Day 3: Walking with a Samoyed

Well, today's something new was a little unplanned! After cancelling my morning lessons (due to yesterday's sickness) I woke up around 10am - after 12 hours of sleep - and felt ready to take on a new day. I arrived at my 1pm lesson, a fairly new one, and after 45 minutes we were down to one student.

"Do you want to come with me while I walk the dog?" the student ask, seemingly wanting to kill two birds with one stone.

Actually, this wasn't totally new, as the week before a different student had invited me to walk around with his wolf hound while we chatted about everything under the sun. This was a different student, though, and in his office sat the most amazingly cute, fluffy dog ever. I'd never been up close and personal with a Samoyed before, but they are friendly, cuddly and beautiful, and I want a whole basket of them to play with. I don't have the time or space for a dog but... walking with one and petting it for a while was great!

So, if you have a dog, celebrate it by taking them for a special walk someplace new. If you don't, you could join a friend for a walk or just sit in the park and watch them. If dogs aren't your thing, then why not spend time revelling in the joy of any animal (or plant) that you like? You could even buy a goldfish... I still smile when I remember one day at university when Hermione and I spontaneously decided to drive to the pet shop and buy a tank and two fish. A while later we added some smaller fish.... sure, I'm pretty sure that one of the fish somehow ate the smaller ones, but it was nice while it lasted.

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  1. Ha ha, I remember those fish...
    Even fish are a huge responsibility boys and girls.