Thursday, 27 September 2012

Something New Day 5: New people, choir practice

Well, three weeks ago I did something very new - I joined a choir! The International Choir of Prague, in fact. Everything is done in English, the songs are fun and modern and pretty easy to sing, and they let me in - woo!  Last night was the third rehearsal with them, and I spent the evening talking to a lot of new people. I've also found out that over Hallowe'en (yes, I spell it like that!) weekend there'll be a "retreat" for singing and bonding somewhere in the Czech Republic. Very exciting!

I can't emphasise enough how much joy I get from singing - on my own at home, on quiet streets, in choirs, at karaoke. It doesn't mean that my voice is amazing or anything, but I feel that singing releases some kind of energy from inside me, that if I don't do it then it will build up... maybe that's how Maria Von Trapp felt? If that sounds at all familiar to you, then I urge you to make your Something New for the day something similar - join a choir, a theatre group, try karaoke for the first time, or just blast your favourite music while you do the housework and sing to your heart's content. Who cares if you're no Celine Dion? It's about expression! You could even look for a singing tutor and get a lesson as part of your new mission... be brave!

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