Sunday, 30 September 2012

Something New Days 7 & 8: Potluck and Pilsner

Well, Friday marked one of my first pot luck parties, believe it or not! I had been to one very nice one in Japan, but still, it had been a long time... so I made some guacamole (my "secret" is to mix it with sweet chilli sauce - beautiful!) and headed over. Some of the other food that I tried was delightful - hummus, some interesting things that I'd never had before, and a lot of vegetarian snacks!

Then, yesterday, Jeff and I went to the town of Plzeň, where Pilsner Urquell is made. It's only an hour from Prague (in you take the Student Agency bus from Zličin) and £3.30 or so, and as it's Student Agency you get free hot drinks and comfortable seats. There isn't so much to do in that town, and it was raining heavily, but we took the Pilsner brewery tour and got to learn all about how this beer is made. The most special part is that you get to try unfiltered Pilsner, straight from the big wooden barrel, while in a nice, cold, damp cellar. They don't actually sell non-filtered Pilsner outside of the town, so it's something quite special. They also make Gambrinus (and Kozel, Fenix, pretty much every good beer) and I tried the non-filtered version of that, too! It's quite fun to run tipsily through the pouring rain, too...

So, why not visit somewhere nearby that you've never actually been to? Or try something new to eat or drink, perhaps?

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