Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Challenge: Something New Every Day

I've been thinking about this for a while, and it's time to finally start it!

Do you ever feel just bored of life? When every day is the same, nothing really surprises you, you drag yourself out of bed to face another predictable day?

What about those things that you'd like to do? Some of us are ashamed of our dreams. You might want to start your own business, quit your job and travel around the world for a year, change your image so drastically that it terrifies you. But something in your head tells you "You can't... not you. You're too young/old/poor/dull". Perhaps you secretly believe that excitement and success are for other people, but not you.

If you're happy living in an unhappy, limited world, then don't read any further. Go back to denying yourself the things that you deserve, and feeling bitter when you see people who aren't afraid to go and get them. But if you want to feel more confident in everything you do, more excited about waking up every day, then read on. Those big changes won't seem so scary when you've been making little changes every day for the last few months.

So what is the challenge?

One of my oldest pieces of advice to friends who feel stuck in a rut, unsure about their own abilities or about what they want to do in life, is this - try something new every day.

Life is so full of possibilities. Why limit yourself to doing the same things forever?

I'm not talking about massive, world-shaking things every day, unless that's your thing. You don't have to climb Everest, join a new class every day, cut off all your hair or go sky-diving, although you might enjoy those things. I'm talking about even tiny new things - trying a flavour of tea that you've never had before, painting your nails a new colour, sitting in a different seat in your usual restaurant or classroom.

The beauty of the Something New Every Day challenge is that you won't be doing it alone. From next week I'll be posting my own Something New - yes, every day - so that you can follow my progress, and hopefully feel inspired to try things yourself! You can even do the same things as me if you're out of ideas.

My hope is that you will join me, and post your own new experiences up as comments. I'm thinking of carrying this out until the New Year - by then, a new resoultion will seem like child's play! But, who knows, if it's successful I might just keep it going for longer.

Will you join me? It's free, there are no risks (unless you do the afformentioned sky-diving, I suppose) and, trust me, life will start to look a lot more interesting, promising and exciting for you.

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  1. Very interesting idea. I guess It's easy for us all to become stuck in a rut where every day is the same. I wonder how this could work in reality though. How do you think of a new thing each day? Would anyone have the time? Maybe it would feel a burden to keep having to 'come up with something'? I think of my days to come in the immediate future and I struggle to see where I can fit in something new. Maybe it's about changing perspective and opening our eyes to opportunities around us.

    Anyway, I'll give it a go and let you know. By the way, I attended my Interac seminar in York last Tuesday. It went really well but I won't find out for a few weeks yet.

    Ruth UK