Thursday, 4 October 2012

Something New Days 11 & 12: New bar and songs

Well, on Day 11 I finally had a beer at the bar under my house - you'd think I would have gone by now, but when things are so close we normally seem to ignore them, thinking "I can go any time". I finally decided to go, and while it was nothing special, I did get to see a little dog trying to navigate the spiral stairs, and the beer was nice enough.

Yesterday (Day 12) I learnt a new song with the choir that I joined - it was Trench Town Rock by Bob Marley! Pretty cool... even a bit of Patois in there (which I can kind of understand thanks to all the Jamaicans I met in Japan!). Always nice to learn a new song!

So, my ideas for you for today... learn a new song (so that you can sing it without looking at the words), or check out something that's very close to your house that you haven't got around to visiting yet!

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