Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Something New Days 13-19: Busy times!

Whew, hey guys - sorry that my update has taken so long! Let me give you a run-down...

Thursday (day 13) brought something I had been waiting for years to happen - new episodes of Red Dwarf! I have to admit it's my favourite show - perhaps not the funniest, now, but I started watching it when I was 10 or so, so it has always had a special place in my heart. I've even been to a convention and met the cast... too much nerdiness? Anyway, last year they filmed six new episodes (I watched one being filmed in London, too!), and on Thursday they finally aired the first one. It was better than I'd expected, and great to see something new from them.

Friday was the graduation party for my latest trainees (English teachers in Prague) so I joined them for their celebration. We went to a club I'd never been to before, which was quite cool.

Saturday - my fiancé persuaded me to come for a morning jog with him. I got into my sports gear and we ran (if you don't count the few times I had to slow to a walk) around 3km. I'm not in great shape, really, so it was quite hard - but I did feel good after it, so maybe it's something I can start doing a bit more often. Later that day, his best friend arrived in Prague (from the States), so I got to meet him at last, too!

Sunday we visited a restaurant in Prague that was new to me - a place with six of their own microbrewed beers.

Monday - I joined a Czech coupon website, where you pay £1 or so for a coupon that entitles you to 50% off at a selected restaurant. We bought three coupons for a curry place nearby, and tried it out. Very nice, too. Yes, there were a lot of restaurants, mostly because of the friend being in town.

Tuesday/Wednesday (today) - I burnt myself out. So, it hasn't been a good "something new" these past two days, as I sit here now with glands the size of golf balls and a hoarse whisper when I try to speak. Somehow I worked/partied too hard over the last few days, and now I'm paying for it. The Doctor (I wish I meant Mr Tennant in his TARDIS) says that I should stay in bed for a few days... so I'll have to cancel a lot of lessons, if I heed the advice. But even getting sick can be seen as positive, in a strange way - when you wear yourself out, your body will try to slow you down. It seems to me that other people can power on (working long hours and getting little sleep) a lot more effectively than I can, but everybody is different, so it's important to know your body and find a lifestyle that suits you. I'm certainly taking this as a lesson that I need to look after myself more carefully, and that sometimes "something new" can be as little as giving yourself space to breathe. So, now I'm going back to bed with Game of Thrones and a cup of honey and lemon tea...

How is it going for you guys? I've had a lot of nice comments, and the Facebook event makes me feel happy - it seems that this has inspired a few people to do new things, and one girl even told me that she's been happier since she started. I'm glad to have given people some ideas, anyway, and I hope that this grows and continues!

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  1. Great to see another Red Dwarf fan! I used to watch all the old stuff and I was a bit dubious that they'd brought out a new series after all these years. But I watched it and it was pretty good. 'I'd like to buy a stir master please!' Haha