Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Something New Days 23-26:

Well, I'm getting a little better! On Sunday, day 23, I went to the cinema and saw Looper. It was pretty cool, and definitel y got me thinking. Unforunately I am a bit of a nerd and wasn't convinced that altering time would work quite in the same way that the film portrayed, but every sci-fi story has its own version of the rules!

Day 24 - I researched possible causes for my belly ache, and decided that I might be gluten intolerant. Turns out that the more likely explanation is that the antibiotics I was on made me ill, but I get these tummy pains quite a lot so I'm still looking into the gluten-free thing. I researched a lot, and bought some gluten-free bread. I'll be honest, it tasted a little like cardboard, although I've discovered that it's better toasted and covered in avocado!

Day 25 -Pondering ways to promote my blog and coaching business, I ventured over to and churned out an essay, subtly linking back to my blog. Let's hope it brings somebody over, at least!

Aaaand day 26, while browsing through information about South America (as I do) I discovered a lovely new blog - - I'm sharing it because I enjoyed how many resources it had, and how inspirational it is. The couple who run it sold everything they owned two years ago and set off travelling around the world, supposedly forever, making money from an internet business (and from the blog). I'd like to be able to do that, please! :)

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