Thursday, 25 October 2012

Something New Days 27-33: This is getting hard!

Hey guys! I've decided to start updating in weekly blocks, to make for more concise entries (and to mask my laziness). Actually, I've been very busy, but I've still been trying to do new things.

Day 27 (Thursday, October18th) - I did something that somehow hadn't occurred to me before. I posted a message on a few Facebook groups that are based in Prague, advertising my life coaching services. The first session would be free, I said, as most groups don't let you advertise things that cost money. I was very excited to get about ten responses within two days!

Day 28 - A very simple thing - I tried to walk around thinking "What would I do if I didn't care what people thought of me?" It can be surprisingly empowering to answer, and could make you question the very path you're on at the moment.

Day 29 - The autumn leaves look beautiful in Prague at the moment, so, despite the mist, Jeff and I decided to take the camera for a walk and explore a new part of Prague. We went out to Barrandov, where I often take the tram, but we walked down some roads until we were on a lovely leaf-scattered path. We found a nice little pub there, too, which had a roaring fireplace and nice cheese.

Day 30 - If I haven't already mentioned this, I'm a bit of a nerd. On this misty Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I joined a gaming group that we found online. They're based in Prague, but nobody in the group seems to be Czech (but rather from every other country imaginable). We spent the day playing Talisman, a fantasy board game that takes hours but is a lot of us (until your character dies and you have to start again!).

Day 31 - I tried another new restaurant - the lovely Noi, a Thai restaurant with good prices and a nice, classy atmosphere. The Pad Thai was delicious, as was the Mojito. Oh yeah.

Day 32 - I'm quite stingy. I usually wear my clothes until they're falling apart and refuse to buy new ones because I can't afford it. When I do splash out, I look for the cheapest things possible. My last coat had a gaping hole in it, the stuffing falling out, and after one attempt to stitch up the hole had failed I finally buckled and went shopping for a new coat. I forgot how nice it can feel to have a new item of clothing. I don't want to fuel any shopoholics' habits, but if you're like me and on some level you tell yourself that you don't deserve nice things, it could be good to treat yourself for once.

Day 33 - I met up with one of the people who responded to my life coaching advert. It was the first time I actually coached somebody in a pub (at least officially), and I found the experience very interesting! Hopefully he left with a few goals and a slightly clearer idea of what he wanted to do.

So, how is it going? I know it can get to the point where you feel exhausted with trying to think of new things to do, which is why my day 28 idea might help you out.

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  1. Great to hear that you're keeping it up! I'm sorry to say that I gave up a few weeks ago. A had a few days where I did nothing new, and after that I stopped recording what I'd been doing. It's still a good concept to follow though. How long are you planning on doing it for, or is this a permanent thing?

    Ruth, UK