Friday, 30 November 2012

Something New Days 61-68: Thanksgiving and Muse!

OK, back on track!

Day 61: I started playing a depressing (but fun) game on the PS3 called Fallout 3... it's an open-world game set in a post-apocalyptic future, with lots of mutants and wrecked cities. It gets a bit bleak after a while but it's very interesting to see this depiction of what could happen if a nuclear attack were to occur...

Not my own pumpkin pie - I forgot to photograph that!
Day 62: Went to see Muse live at the O2 Arena in Prague - very exciting! I was impressed by the visuals and the sound quality (which was almost so perfect as to be boring) but we were sitting too far back to really get involved. I have to say, I'm impressed at how cheap drinks were inside the arena (£1.30 for a beer in a stadium!?).

Day 63: Tried a new restaurant - Prague's Lehka Hlava ("Clear/Light Head") - a vegetarian restaurant with a good reputation and funky space-like interior. The food was nice, but sadly the service was so fast (and absent, once we'd eaten our first course) that we felt rushed and unwanted!

Day 64: My first ever Thanksgiving!! There was turkey, mac & cheese, loads of veg and bread and salad and delicious things. It's a tradition that I think I'll adopt... in fact, I liked it so much that I did it all again the next day (with a different friend).

Day 65: As well as having Thanksgiving again, this was my first experience of baking pumpkin pie. I followed a non-traditional recipe - pumpkin pureƩ (baked and blended pumpkin), soaked cashew nuts, spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg) and maple syrup, blended up in a pie crust. It was actually amazing, and I could have eaten ten slices... the rest of the meal was lovely, too!

Day 66: I had one of those days where pretty much none of my students showed up, but as they hadn't given me 24 hours of warning, I'll still get paid... nice, but a little frustrating when you're traipsing over Prague with a heavy backpack full of paper!

Day 67: I made mince pies for the first time! Marks and Spencers in Prague sells mincemeat (as well as British bacon, cheese, hummus and lots of amazing things), and now that I finally know where to find pastry, I was good to go! They didn't turn out quite as I'd imagined, but they were nice...

Day 68: Finished watching the TV show "The Newsroom" - if you haven't seen it, I recommend it! A very intelligent, thought-provoking insight into the news industry, and the battle between being authentic and being popular that some organisations might face.

Is anybody still trying to do something new every day? :)

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