Saturday, 15 December 2012

Staying Positive When the World Seems Like Such a Bad Place...

Well, I'm sure we all heard the horrible news yesterday... another gun crime, a whole load of innocent children shot while at school, just before Christmas, in a place where they were supposed to feel safe.

Naturally, this has raised the old debate about gun control again - with gun supporters claiming that such dangers mean that people need MORE guns (because I'm sure an armed kindergarten teacher would solve everything) and the other side claiming that this highlights the need for tighter gun controls. Well, it's hard to truly know what to believe, but it seems that there are greater social problems at play, and that increasing gun control is only one part of the solution. But I won't go into that debate here - the arguments go around and around, and we seem no closer to a solution.

Amidst this chaos, in the aftermath of another disaster, it might seem impossible to stay positive. All the self-help books on your shelf can be rendered useless by one piece of bad news. You might be wondering - how can I focus on improving my own life when this shit can happen? How can I think about increasing my own career prospects when innocent children are dying? How can I practice positive thinking when the world is such a terrible place?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Something New: The final entry!

Well, I've done a few new things in the last week again - turned down a job offer, read an interesting book (the 4 Hour Work Week) and generally tried to mix things up.

I plan to continue with this as often as I can, but after 65+ days I think you guys get the point!

Actually, in the 4 Hour Work Week the author recommends something he calls "comfort exercises", where you push your own boundaries and comfort zone - kinda similar to what we've been trying to achieve here! His challenges are a little harder... maintain eye contact with a stranger for as long as possible, try to contact a famous person... but the idea is the same.

Only by challenging yourself can you change your life. If you expect to wake up one morning and be confident, successful and on your way to the life you really want, then I've got bad news - it just isn't going to happen. Crazy things can occur -  you could win the lottery - but the person you are inside isn't going to change unless you take steps to do that. When you challenge yourself, you learn new things, and you grow as a person. Plus it just keeps things so much more interesting!

I hope you keep trying to do something new, if not every day then every week, or month. Start with what's comfortable, and then go beyond. The aim is not to be comfortable, after all - it's to stretch your limits and show you how capable you are.