Monday, 20 May 2013

The Hunger For More: What We Really Want and Need

So, exciting moment - I had an article featured on, which brought me a lot of new traffic!

The article was something that I wrote truly from the heart, something that I feel is greatly important. Writing something like this isn't easy, though; you have to be in the right frame of mind for the right words to flow. But here it is. It's about that feeling inside you, that hunger for more, and one of the ways that we can satisfy it.

"As a child, I was obsessed with other worlds—reading about alien planets, writing fantasy stories, or just playing video games. As a teenager, I longed to know as much as possible— who we were, why we are here, the meaning of life.

Later on, I started traveling. There was so much to see, so much to do, so many ways to look at the world. I wanted to see it all, touch it all, experience it all.

This need for more has existed throughout my life in its many forms, and I can thank it for always driving me to do great, exciting things. But at the same time, it has never allowed me to stay still, to just enjoy myself the way so many people seem to.

When I ignore this feeling, it starts gnawing away at me from the inside. It tells me that I am not doing enough, that I’m lazy, a time-waster. Some would call the feeling a feeling of becoming stir-crazy, cabin fever, ennui.

I look at it as a hunger. When I ignore that hunger, when I stop traveling or learning or creating or just doing, the weight of the world piles up on me and life suddenly feels like a suffocating, restricting place."

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