Monday, 1 July 2013

How I Got Married Without Freaking Out

Hello there! Firstly, let me apologise for my slow updates (both now and in the future). Things are a bit hectic - I just got married, then (four days later) we packed up our entire Prague life and moved over to the UK
Loads of love to whoever gets this
again! We're in a bit of a limbo stage at the moment, as we're heading off on our honeymoon next week. Once we're back, it'll be time to work out the hubby's legal working status and start looking for opportunities. If you're in London and would like some face-to-face coaching, now is your chance!

One thing I was told over and over in the days (and minutes) leading up to my wedding was that I was surprisingly calm. I took it as a compliment, but it left me wondering. What was I expected to do? The stereotypical image of a bride is of a neurotic Bridezilla who freaks out if one flower is the wrong shade of pink, who gets anxiety attacks over the thought of her make-up not being perfect, and who envisions the commitment she is about to make and starts plotting her escape route... right? I thought back to what the me of two or three years ago would have done, and that sounded about right.

So, how did I stay calm and end up having the most amazing day? It's been a long way coming, but as so many people seemed interested in my zen-like "skills" I'll try to give you some tips for your own big day (or any other stressful occasion)...