Monday, 28 October 2013

A Free, Easy Way to Be Happier: Our Connection With Nature

Woo, I got an article published! Have a look:

Growing up, I would spend my afternoons after school behind the house, running through the overgrowth, wading through the river, climbing trees and chasing squirrels. I come from a beautiful, scenic part of Wales, one that attracts a lot of city-dwellers every year.

Despite the stunning views of mountains and coastlines, the forests and wild paths, the choppy seas and the golden sands, I always wanted more. I grew up watching people settling down forever, settling for boring jobs, spending their evenings in the pub – and I wanted more.

When I finally moved away – for university – I thought that things would suddenly fall into place. I was in an exciting city, with people everywhere and things going on every night. I met great friends and joined societies, but something suddenly started to feel wrong...

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