Monday, 26 January 2015

Crispy Kale Chips with Vegan Cheese

Kale. I never really knew what it was, but I knew that it was good for you. Whenever I looked up healthy,
clean recipes or vegan food, kale would pop up. In salads. In smoothies. Everywhere. I'd never really seen it before, and all I really knew about it was that it was healthy and, that if I wanted to get on the "healthy" bandwagon, I'd have to try it sooner or later.

After Christina used it in a smoothie and in a delicious quinoa dish  I figured it was time for to finally give in.
So... I bought a bag from Tesco for £1. It's like a dry, crispy lettuce. I threw it in with some pasta, peppers and pasata for a tasty dinnertime snack, and it was all right.

Still hungry, I remembered that one of my prettiest recipe books - Honestly Healthy - had a recipe for "cheesy" kale chips. This book tends to be pretty complicated, but when I looked at the recipe I saw that it mostly involved coating kale in some kind of cheese substitute and leaving them in the oven for a while (it also mentioned a "dehydrator", but I figured an oven would do for most of us). It just so happened that the Lemon Cashew Basil "cheese" that I'd just made was pretty close to what was called for, so I experimented and was greeted with a delicious snack.

Be warned... they're really moreish! The good news is, they're much healthier than Pringles...

You'll need:
Half a bag of kale (or however much you want, really)
2 tbsp of Lemon Cashew Basil cheese

1. Spread the kale out on a baking tray. If using foil, use the non-shiny side!

2. Rub the "cheese" onto the kale until it's all coated.

3. Leave in a fan over on the lowest heat for 30-45 minutes, or until the kale is sufficiently crispy.

It reminded me a little of the crispy seaweed that you can get at Chinese restaurants. Either way, this snack was so good I made a second portion!

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