Sunday, 19 April 2015

50 Things to do Before You're 11¾: Getting Kids Back Into Nature, National Trust Style

Have you ever camped in the wild? Built a raft? Canoed down a river?

Many of us have fond memories of our childhoods, and I'm willing to bet that many of those memories involve nature in some way. Kids are naturally drawn to animals, rivers and mud - we are all born ready to learn as much as we can about our natural environment, so that we can learn how our world works (and perhaps how to survive).

Sadly, kids these days spend more time in front of TVs than in front of campfires - I saw Mark Sears from The Wild Network speak recently, and he told his audience that children today only spend 3% of their lives playing outdoors. Most time is spent sleeping, at school, or in front of a screen of some kind.

Delicious Beetroot, Pepper, Mango and Blueberry Salad with Lemon Juice

Who said salad had to be boring? Here's a delicious, fresh and fruity salad with some slightly unexpected ingredients - and better still, it doesn't need any sugar-filled dressing to make it taste good! Let your sunny days start with the Beetroot, Pepper, Mango and Blueberry Salad:

To make this particular bowl of delight, I used:
A handful of mixed salad leaves + lettuce
2 tsbp sweetcorn
1/4 a beetroot, grated up (this WILL turn your hands and grater red - beware!)
1/4 a red pepper, cut into chunks
1/4 mango, cut into chunks
A handful of blueberries
1/2 a fresh lemon, squeezed on top!

The tangy zest of the lemon, the juicy beetroot, the fresh crispness of the peppers and the sweetness of the fruit make this an exciting and delicious salad. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or even as a starter!