Friday, 13 October 2017

Does Money Buy Happiness?

Ask most people these days what would make their lives better, and they reply almost instantly -  "more money". Yes, we could all do with a bit more money in the bank, I'm sure. But the big question is: does money really make you happy?

Well, I think you only need look at those celebrities who definitely aren't hurting for cash (or fame), but who fall into a series of bad relationships, strange cults and unwise investments, or visit a third world country and see how happily the children play together, to see that having money doesn't automatically make you happy and being poor doesn't throw everyone into depression. But those celebrities, you think, are just foolish. You would know what to do with all that money, right? 

Friday, 3 March 2017

10 Bits of Mindless Plastic you can Stop Wasting Today!

You've probably heard of the Great Pacific Garbage patch/vortex and the fact that it's mostly comprised of plastic; the fact that seabirds are mistaking bits of plastic bobbing on the ocean surface for food, feeding it to their babies and killing them; and the fact that plastic never fully biodegrades. Oh, and it's mostly made from oil, you know - that thing we're using up at a rapid pace and going to war over.

Yet, every day we consume and throw away plastic, probably without even realising it. Once you start to think about it, though, you realise with a creeping horror that plastic - like an alien species just waiting for us to turn our backs - has slowly take over our lives. And worse; many types of plastic can't be recycled. What am I talking about, and what can we do about it? Well:

1) Plastic stirrers - why does this tiny little piece of plastic need to be made, packaged and shipped  somewhere just so I can stir my coffee with it for about 3 seconds before throwing it in the bin for eternity? Petrol/gas stations and take-away coffee shops: I'm looking at you. It's bad enough that take-away coffee cups aren't recyclable without adding this to the mix. Some places carry wooden stirrers, which are much better, but you can never be sure.
Solution: carry a spoon with you in your handbag.

2) Plastic knives/forks/spoons - they come with take-aways, with meals bought in shops (also in plastic tubs, usually) or even, to my great dismay, in some restaurants. I usually keep them in my bag for weeks, telling myself I'll use them again instead of throwing them away, until they end up snapping somehow.
Solution:  carry cutlery with you and make sure you tell the servers at these establishments that you do not want them. Preferably, don't order take-out, because it inevitably comes in loads of plastic packaging.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How Tidying Your Desk Can Make You More Productive

Do you find it hard to concentrate on what you're doing? Is it impossible for you to schedule drinks with your friends because you have so much work to do? Do you struggle to put your thoughts into words?

The problem might not just be with your mind, but with your desk.

Go on, be honest - which one is the most like your work space?

You know how it is- you sip on a nice cup of tea as you work, and you never get round to taking it to the sink. You have twenty different documents that you have to keep looking back at, and now they lie in a pile beside you. You have all those little bits and bobs that don't really belong anywhere, so you try to arrange them neatly near your computer. The result? An untidy mess that you are constantly looking at from the corner of your eye - which actually helps to make your mind just as messy.