Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How Tidying Your Desk Can Make You More Productive

Do you find it hard to concentrate on what you're doing? Is it impossible for you to schedule drinks with your friends because you have so much work to do? Do you struggle to put your thoughts into words?

The problem might not just be with your mind, but with your desk.

Go on, be honest - which one is the most like your work space?

You know how it is- you sip on a nice cup of tea as you work, and you never get round to taking it to the sink. You have twenty different documents that you have to keep looking back at, and now they lie in a pile beside you. You have all those little bits and bobs that don't really belong anywhere, so you try to arrange them neatly near your computer. The result? An untidy mess that you are constantly looking at from the corner of your eye - which actually helps to make your mind just as messy.