about Greenjoy

Gwyneth studied her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London in 2015 and completed her Life Coaching certificate in 2012. On top of that, Gwyneth is a Mindfulness practitioner and is currently aiming to pursue further studies in Non-Violent Communication. 

Gwyneth Jones, founder of Greenjoy

The Understanding Happiness workshop series in Prague has focused on:

  • Taming your Inner Critic
  • Developing Confidence
  • Building Authentic and Meaningful Relationships
  • Understanding and Dealing with "Negative" Emotions
  • The Nature of Happiness
  • Finding Meaning in Life
I use my background in Positive Psychology, coaching, and a lot of time spent researching, introspecting and speaking to others to put together workshops that act as a safe sharing space and an opportunity to learn useful skills and knowledge. My workshops are not a place for me to act as an expert and to tell you what to do, but rather a place where we can all learn and explore together. 

I also offer one-on-one coaching for those of you who want to go deeper into understanding yourself, reconnecting with what makes you happy, finding your confidence and building better relationships. My approach is a happy medium between scientific rigour and an openness to alternative approaches; I believe that some form of spirituality is important, but do not prescribe to any dogmatic approaches. I am also aware that some people have had very transformative results from 'alternative therapies', yet I disagree with the way that they are often promoted as a cure-all, and believe that we need to approach everything with a questioning, curious mind. 

"Gwyneth has been an enormous help over the last few months, while I've been managing a career change. I was burning myself out trying both to work my current job and keep too many options open for the future. It was very useful and pleasant to have Gwyneth to discuss my future with, and she was very good at getting me to choose one option, think of a concrete plan of things that need to be done, and stick to it. I'm very happy to have been one of her first clients. " Robin Adams, 34, U.K.


MSc Applied Positive Psychology, University of East London 

8-Week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course with Breathworks, 2014 

NCFE Life Coaching, 2012

Introduction to Personal Coaching, The Coaching Academy, 2010

BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Manchester, 2009

Counselling Skills Level 3, National Open College Network, 2005